What are the best ways to hide physical gold, and silver?

What are the best ways to hide physical gold and silver?

You bought gold and silver to help keep your family financially safer in times of turmoil. But now it’s up to you to safeguard your bars and coins until that time comes, which could be in 10 days, 10 years, or some time far in the future.

Gold bullion is virtually untraceable. Even if you would have gold bar ID numbers, the ability to liquidate gold bullion is effortless in the world we live. In other words, if someone steals your gold bullion savings, you may be entirely out of luck.

Your door is a sandwich of ply or hardboard with no filling. You can easily use this space by cutting into the side, bottom, or top of the door. You can create a lid from a slice of wood and fix it in place with small magnets or pins. Place your precious metals in the hollow and secure it with the lid. Besides, the door frame itself can be altered and used as a hiding place, too.

Everyone should have one confidant that A) knows where your bullion is stored and B) has the ability to access it. It should be someone you trust implicitly and who knows how to keep a secret. They should have a good idea of how much you have, where it is stored and the key, passcode or instructions to access it if your chute doesn’t open from that weekend dare.

Finally, size can be an issue. If an investor chooses to make a large investment in coins, the holding could be bulky, exceeding the capacity of the ordinary box.

Safety deposit box companies can also be the target of professional thieves. Again, London provides a prime example, when in 2015 the vault of a safety deposit company in the famous Hatton Garden jewelry district was robbed by a gang of professional thieves over an Easter weekend and million of pounds worth of assets were taken from a large number of safety deposit boxes in the vault.

Your own creativity is the only limitation in finding the ideal storage solution(s). Flexibility is critical, and most importantly, use diversification of location to safeguard your metals against the most probable and improbable scenarios. And remember: sometimes the best hiding places are the ones in plain sight. Thieves are more likely to focus on “obvious” hiding places for silver and gold than they are on pet beds or paint cans.

Under and In Trees: Under a tree in your garden or in the hollow of an old tree trunk on your property provide further concealment opportunities for gold. Indeed, in 2014, a US$10 million cache of 19th century gold coins was discovered under a tree on a property in Northern California.

Frozen Food: Hiding gold bars and gold coins within frozen food in a freezer is possible, for example, actually buried and frozen within minced meat or in a large tub of ice-cream. Horizontal chest freezers used for long-term deep freeze storage of supermarket produce are ideal for this tactic.