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Why hold physical gold and silver?

In an economic or financial crisis, these actions increase. The government desperately needs revenue and they tend to be more aggressive in their enforcement. Or they simply pass new laws and regulations to suit their needs at the time. It’s happened with virtually every government in history, and it’ll happen again, especially in a crisis situation.

Diversifying internationally sounds complicated, but storing some physical gold outside your home jurisdiction today is not difficult. It’s as easy as opening a bank or brokerage account. And by doing so, you buy yourself some time in a worst-case scenario. Even if you never have to use this “Plan B” money, it’s like an insurance policy against aggressive or unfair political actions. You could even someday use the proceeds of any sales to invest in other options that may not be available in your home country.

Preferred Trust Company LLC facilitates both the custodial and administrator roles as a licensed retail trust company. Formed in 2007, their mission is to provide individuals the opportunity to break down the barriers of traditional investing in an IRA. They strive to educate investors about their ability to invest in alternative assets, such as physical precious metals, through their IRA while providing tax-advantage retirement growth.

It’s a good idea to keep some of your wealth outside the banking system and also outside your political jurisdiction. Professional vault storage offers you a viable and straightforward way to do just that. It’s not a panacea, but it can put a layer between you and heavy-handed bureaucratic actions. The catch is, these preparations must be put in place before anything happens.

There’s one way around this liquidity drawback: online storage. With an online storage account, you can sell your gold or silver at any time (during trading hours), just like a stock. This gives you instant liquidity, as funds are dispersed after settlement, usually within 1-2 business days, also just like a stock.

If you don’t know how to spot a real diamond, aren’t familiar with the painter Van Gogh, or don’t collect comic books, just buy some physical metals. You don’t need any special skills or training to purchase bullion.

One of gold’s strongest advantages is that it can protect your investments — even your standard of living — during periods of economic, monetary or geopolitical crisis. And depending on the nature of the crisis, gold can move from a defensive tool to an offensive profit machine.

The process is frequently quicker than selling a stock in your brokerage account. It usually takes 3 business days for settlement before cash can be transferred to your bank account or a check mailed. And other collectibles, like artwork, could take longer to sell, have a smaller customer base and would likely entail a big commission. But with gold, you can get cash or goods in hand on the spot with no hoops to jump through.

To address that concern, a few alternative IRA advisers point to a wrinkle in the tax code that they say could let you store your precious metals nearby — such as in a local bank safe deposit box or at home. Essentially, the company helps you set up what’s called a limited liability company (LLC) and place that company into a self-directed IRA. The LLC then buys the gold and chooses where to store it.

In contrast, the key advantage of buying physical gold (such as bars and coins) is that you own the gold. Furthermore, you own an asset that can be stored outside the financial system, which reduces counterparty risk.